HACHI | Product Tour

Product Tour

Employer Signup (takes less than 15 minutes)

  • Signup and set up your employer account
  • Invite employees to join your team on Hachi
  • Post jobs, or connect your Applicant Tracking System

Employee Signup (takes less than 5 minutes)

  • Using the invite link shared by employer, employees can signup

Employee Refers (with just one click)

  • Hachi's candidate-matching algorithm (built on top of a deep data mining and machine learning platform) searches employees’ network (their direct connections + their friends of friends on various social and professional networks), to find candidates best suited for the jobs posted by the employer
  • Employees receive personalized email with a list of these candidates, making it super easy for them to refer
  • Employees can instantly make a referral by clicking "Refer" button in the email
  • When employee refers, the candidate and the employer are notified. The referral is sent to the Applicant Tracking System as well.
  • Employees can track the status of their referrals on their Hachi dashboard

Candidate Applies

  • Candidate can review the job details, and apply
  • Employer and employee are notified when the candidate expresses interest and applies for the job

Employer Reviews, Shortlists & Hires

  • Employer can review all the candidates referred by employees, by logging in to their Hachi account
  • If the employee allows employer to directly view candidate recommendations from her network, then the employer can view and shortlist candidates without waiting for the employee to refer
  • Employer's dashboard provides detailed analytics about all the jobs and referrals, along with a referral leaderboard