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Absolutely loving Hachi!

Gary Conaway
Engineering Leadership Recruiter

Hachi could change recruiting.

Blake Wittman

Recruiters you are going to want this.

Bryan Wilson
Director of Operations

Why use Hachi ?

Hachi supercharges the employee referral process, helping you find top talent quickly and cost-effectively, using data-driven, one-click employee referrals.

Top Talent

Get high quality candidates personally referred by your employees and trusted friends.

One-click Referrals

Hachi's candidate-matching algorithm notifies employees by email when their contacts match a job. They can refer by clicking the "Refer" button in the email.

Lower Time-to-Hire

Reduces time-to-hire by 25-30%. It takes less time and resources to hire a new employee based on an employee referral.

Lower Cost-per-Hire

Slashes hiring cost by 55%.

Better Retention

Increase employee retention by 1.5x - 2x

60M+ Professionals

Hachi's massive viral network of 60 Million professionals (from 200K+ companies), helps you leverage your employees' immediate network (their direct connections) as well as extended network (their friends of friends). This expands the reach of your recruitment drive exponentially.

Reach Across Networks

Hachi's network has billions of relationships spread across social and professional networks, CRMs, address books, and devices. It helps you discover cross-network connections you won't find elsewhere - like, your employee Samantha's Facebook friend, John, is connected over LinkedIn with this awesome designer, Joanna, who is an excellent match for the UI Design role you have.

Almost everyone in your team actually knows more good people than they believe they know.

Max levchin
Max Levchin
Co-Founder, PayPal

Hachi in Numbers

  • 200,000

    Hachi's database has employee network of 200,000 companies

  • 15

    Minutes to get started

  • <2

    Days to start getting referrals

  • 14

    Referrals to Hire ratio

  • 96,000

    Referral recommendations made so far

How it works


Employers / Hiring Managers / Recruiters can signup and get started in 15 minutes.

Invite Employees

Hachi works best when your whole team is onboard. To invite your employees, coworkers and trusted friends, simply send them the invite link provided on your Hachi dashboard. Also, we already have a pre-existing employee network for 200K+ companies - if we have your company's network, it will be automatically added to your team on Hachi.

Post Jobs / Connect ATS

Post your jobs. Or, connect your ATS and we can directly fetch jobs from there.

One-click Referrals

When you post a job on Hachi or connect your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Hachi's candidate matching algorithm searches your team's immediate (their direct connections) and extended network (their friends of friends) on various social and professional networks for matching candidates.

Employees receive a personalized email with a list of potential candidates that they can refer for your job openings.

Employees can instantly make a referral by clicking on the "Refer" button in the email. They don’t need to log in to any portal, or try to remember which of their 1,000+ friends match the job requirement.

Candidate is Notified

When an employee makes a referral, the candidate is informed, the hiring manager is notified, and the referral is sent to ATS.

Review, Shortlist, Hire

Hiring managers can use their Hachi dashboard (or their ATS) to review, shortlist, and hire top talent.

Track Status

Referral process is kept transparent, and employees can track the status of their referrals.

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Absolutely loving Hachi!

Gary Conaway
Engineering Leadership Recruiter

Hachi could change recruiting.

Blake Wittman

Recruiters you are going to want this.

Bryan Wilson
Director of Operations